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XCOM®: Enemy Within is a stand-in development to the 2012 strategy game of the year XCOM®: Enemy Unknown and it’s now available on Google Play devices!

Hello, commanders, a new enemy, now threatens the future of mankind intelligence sources disclose a rogue organization with a separate misguided agenda is undermining XCOM field operations these acts cannot go unpunished your previous directive to preserve all human life on Earth has been rescinded you are to use all available resources to locate and eliminate these traitors.

3_xcom_enemy_unknown 2_xcom_enemy_within Enemy within apk

You the threshold of a new kind of warfare those soldiers were already we have at least agreed to call them meld played or engaged Deloitte’s they’re much more straightforward fighters enemy within introduces a new human enemy called exalt fighting them in special covert ops missions feels dramatically different because of the new objectives their part, escort part hold out and the exalt troops that swarm you with equipment comparable to Xcom can put up a good fight if you let them build up numbers.


  • New abilities fighters
  • New weapons and equipment
  • New enemies
  • New strategic resources
  • New storylines
  • New multiplayer maps, soldiers and skills




Requires Android


Current Version


File Size

21.5 MB





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Xcom enemy within obb

How to download Xcom Enemy within Apk free v1.7.0 on any android device

➤Download the following files (APK + OBB), install the APK. Unzip the folder with the OBB in / SD card / android / obb. Open the game and enjoy!





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