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Welcome to This website is operated by the team of Techeworld. We promise you to protect your privacy from any kind of risk as this is our first priority to protect the data and personal information of the user to build their trust in us. We will give you confidence that your data is in the safe hand will never be the source of misuse in the future. We know this fact that if the data of the user is in safe hands then he/she can trust and respond better. To get information that how we will protect your personal information and data, you have to read this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is all about the protection of the data of the user. This will explain to you that how we will collect the data from the user and protect it from any kind of issue and misuse, detailed steps for the protection of data, various options to collect data from user and disclosure of that information. Briefly, this privacy policy will explain you all about the privacy of your information that you are going to provide us. We are assuring you the fact that we will only collect information from you whenever it is necessary. And that information will surely be relevant to the work. On the other hand, the visitor can visit our website whenever he/she wants as he/she will remain totally an unknown person to us unless he/she subscribe to us. If you are using our website, you are agreed to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Data Collection

You will get to know that how we collect the data from the user.


We will use cookies on our website for improving the quality of the Site. It is not necessary for every visitor to accept the cookies while browsing Site. We use cookies in the form of a small text file placed on your computer and these are purely for the identification of your browser and send it to your mobile. Cookies that are stored in your Hard drives will communicate with us or generate action only when you visit our website. Cookies help us to know the trend of the user that what type of user is coming to our site and what actually the user demands. Cookies also help us to keep the record of a total number of visitors that visits our Site and also about how many time the page is viewed. And all these records guide us to upgrade the Site according to the demand of the user and deliver the best to the user. You can block the cookies at whenever you want but blocking cookies may cost you the improper working of some functionalities. Third parties that display advertisement on will set cookies on your device too. The purpose of third parties of setting cookies to your device is to know the information like clickstream, browser type and scroll over sites to display the ads of your interest. These cookies allow us to find your interest and display ads according to your choice. is also in the partnership with the advertisement companies and will get non-personal information to display ads.

Compatibility information

We can collect the necessary information of your device and browser to check its compatibility with in order to avoid any kind of issue during downloading the PC games.

Third Party Information will use the third party information and analysis report to know the browsing trend of the user on our website to in order to upgrade our website according to the demand of the user. We also get information about your clicking pattern and browsing nature by allowing the third parties to place beacons and cookies on your device. And we have done all this to know your interest so that we can deliver you at the optimum level of your interest.

Log files

Log files are used for the purpose of collecting some unspecified information about the visitors at And that information may include browsing patterns, IP address, and history of viewed pages.

Social and third-party Ad Networks protects the data of the user and also expects the same from the third parties that they will keep the privacy of the user and give them the confidence to browse the site without any thought of security hack in their mind. Any third party including our partners or content providers that are accessible through have their own Privacy Policy and we do not have any concern with their Privacy Policy. You must have to read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before giving any personal information to them. Third parties can also use cookies to know your browsing patterns and viewed pages. Third parties can also use cookies to know information like your name, contact and your e-mail address to display ads of your choice. is not responsible for any kind of third party issue.

Change and Edit Privacy Policy have all the rights to make changes and revise the Privacy Policy of Website. But this can be done by issue an advance notice to the user about making changes in Privacy Policy.

Google Analytics uses the reports and services of Google Analytics provided by Google Inc. Google analytics use the cookies in the form of text files placed on your computer to know that you are using our Site. The information provided by Google analytics is stored on the Google server in the USA because cookies transfer this information to that server. All this information is used by Google to analyze the website usage and then compile the final report according to that usage.

You have the authority to stop Google analyst from analyzing your site in the same way as you can refrain using cookies on the website.

External Linking may use the links that lead you to an external website. is not responsible for any kind of issue regarding the external site. You should read their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as we are not responsible for any issue of third-party.


Techeworld and the third-parties can collect the record files that conation record of interaction with That Information may include IP address and other data.