One of the most useful tools for taking the screenshot is the Snipping tool. And for the user of Mac this tool is the best option for screenshots. Using Snipping tool for Mac you can take the screenshot in four different ways;

  • Rectangular Snip
  • Window Snip
  • Full-Screen Snip
  • Free Form Snip

These four modes are available for you to have the screenshot of your choice and after taking the screenshot you can edit it according to your demand as the editing, an option is accessible with the snipping tool. You can use “black pen” or “red pen” and can also erase the data by utilizing the edit option. When you have done with your editing, you can save that screenshot as an image on your desktop.Snipping Tool

How To Capture The Screenshot?

To capture the screenshot using Mac is an easy process as Macintosh Operating System has made it easy for the users. The commands that are used to capture a screenshot are;

  • “Command+Shift+3” (to capture entire screen of active window)
  • “Command+Shift+4” (to capture specified area of active window)

When you use the second command, a cursor will appear on your screen that allows you to snip the area of your demand and to save it as an image in the format like JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

There is another method to capture a screenshot and that is the Grab option available in the utility folder in settings. This option is useful only when you have to include the menu in your screenshot. And when you capture a screenshot using Grab then you can save it in the format TIFF. Four modes in the capture menu of Grab are available: Selection, Window, Screen and Timed Screen.

As it is evident from the name “Selection” that you can select the area of your choice by dragging it. A tooltip will display that show the size of the area that you choose.

And when you choose the “Window” option, a window will appear on your screen in which you have asked to select the window you want to capture. After clicking the “Choose Window” button, you will see the active window and can select the window you wish to capture and this screenshot also include the cursor.

Using the “Screen” mode a window will appear on your screen that asked you to select the window you are ready to capture, and that window will include the cursor.

In the “Timed Screen” mode of grab, an instruction window will appear that allow you to open the window you want to capture. It gives you ten seconds in which you can also open the menu and folder if you want and that includes the cursor on your screen.

Snipping tool is the best tool to capture screenshot within no time. It is the fast and efficient tool for Mac and window. You can download it as Snipping tool download free is best to have on your personal device. This tool is the efficient addition of Macintosh Operating System.