After the failure of galaxy notes 7, Samsung is facing some problems in their newly introduced washing machines. United States authorities have confirmed the recall of approximately 3 million Samsung washing machines.

Samsung is the world’s most famous and leading brand, and it has to maintain that value and importance in the market, in able to survive in future. The issue with these machines is “excessive vibration,” and due to these fluctuations, broken jaws of machines was reported.

Before the incident of a washing machine, the news of the failure of note 7 was hot on the market. The manufacturer of South Korea has recalled note 7 in millions. There was some issue with the battery of note seven that it catches fire.

From many countries “burst” of galaxy note seven was reported. After this unfortunate experience, machines of Samsung are also not able to compete in the market.

Recall from Canada

Samsung narrates on Friday that the recalling of the washing machines also extended to Canada and billions of washing machines have been recalled from Canada. No injury is reported from Canada till date from the machines.

Samsung has to focus on the material and quality of their product. If this kind of activities prolongs, then this is not good news for Samsung. The authority of Samsung should have to take the step for this.