After the research of years and decades, finally, the Fighter Jet is here to roar in the world. F-35 is the most expensive warplane that shocked the world with its immense power of weapons and excellent control on landing. The price of the single plane as about $1.5 trillion and that is the huge amount to invest. This aircraft has highly advanced technology of weapons. The Pentagon has launched its greatest program of all the time F-35 at Farnborough Airshow, and this jet has three different variations;

  • F-35 A (This is standard plane, and it is ordered by the U.S defense forces to enhance their weapons for survival.)
  • F-35 B (This version is also called “Jumping-Jet” as it has the capability to land vertically unlike the other regular jets and aircraft. It has huge flexibility power that made it to land vertically. U.S Marine Core has ordered this plane.)
  • F-35 C (Specially designed to take off and land from U.S aircraft carriers.)

More than 3,000 orders expected for this fighter jet from all over the world. Most of the countries have decided to buy this plane. Many countries like Japan, Australia, Italy and Denmark have committed to own this plane.

Initiatives on Cost-Cutting

The U.S Department have made the initiative to cut the cost of F-35 by $1 million per jet and working more to reduce the maintenance charges of the jet. U.S Army is inspired by this plane and wants it badly as they likely to spend $379 billion to buy a huge number of warplanes from the pentagon.

The staff of Pentagon F-35 is working to cut down the price up to $85 million, and if they would achieve it, then it will be a great achievement for them after this shocking invention.

Lockheed Martin is the primary contractor of F-35 and along with him, the number of British companies like Rolls-Royce has played a significant role in its maintenance and all the investments.

About Lockheed Martin F-35

The F-35 is single-seater fighter jet with a unique and powerful engine it. This aircraft is specially designed for the air defense missions and ground attacks. The speed of F-35 is 1,930 km/h, and its range is about 2,220 km, and its range is one of the best parts of this fighter jet. The warplane of length 16m has a wingspan of 11m.

F-35 is a complete package of a fighter plane with all the technology and flexibility to land and also all the networks are enabled in it for the security purpose. This 5th generation fighter jet has all the capabilities to cope up with the latest security issues across the world.

Lockheed Martin claims that this warplane has unmatched abilities to all the military forces around the world. 360 degree of view is another shocking feature of this plane that one can see everywhere while sitting on the aircraft. This feature is very effective in battle space to defeat the enemy.