How do you feel if you lost the key of your house? And there is no aid to open the lock nearby. Yes! You will get angry as you have no way to overcome your problem. You should have the second option to solve your problem, and that is to pick a lock with the paperclip.

If you choose the option that you should go to the key master to make the key for the lock, then it will waste your time and too. So only the idea to open the lock with a paperclip is best at that point. It’s just a trick; then you can open the lock within no time and can solve your problem.

Steps to Pick a Lock with Paperclip

Here I am going to brief you that how to pick a lock with a paperclip and what kind of material required for this process;

1)    To open a lock first, you have to collect all the stuff for it as Two Paperclips (one is used as a lock pick and other as a tension wrench). A multi-tool or a plier to bend the paperclip. This plier acts as a hand tool as it becomes difficult to bend the paperclip if you use your hands.

2)    Now hold the first paperclip and unfold its one end. After unfolding it’s one end turn it from the top with the help of any hand tool like plier to make rake pick as shown: This paperclip will look like a core-like structure from the front to pick the lock.

Pick a Lock with a Paperclip

3)    As you complete with the rake pick, then take the second paperclip and make it straight from the both ends with the help of plier just like a straight wire. After this bend this straight wire from the center and then turn it again from the upper part to make a wrench like structure as shown:

How to Pick a Lock with a Paperclip

4)    So your two paperclips are ready. One in the form of tension wrench and other in the form of feeler pick or lock pick. Now you can open the lock easily when you want in your house or anywhere.

5)    Just insert the lock pick into the lock and also the tension wrench in it. Then move the feeler pick with the continuous rotation of the tension wrench, your lock will open within seconds with this process.

So this is the complete process to open the lock, and it is very cheap and time-saving process. If you got the trick top open the lock, then you do not have to worry about the keys.

Here is the video tutorial showing the extensive process of picking the lock with the help of paperclips. So in that video, you will get to learn the trick that how you can pick the lock, and also you can see in this video the practical of opening the lock.

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