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How to Pick a Lock with a Paperclip

Pick a Lock with a Paperclip

How do you feel if you lost the key of your house? And there is no aid to open the lock nearby. Yes! You will get angry as you have no way to overcome your problem. You should have the second option to solve your problem, and that is to pick a lock with the paperclip.

If you choose the option that you should go to the key master to make the key for the lock, then it will waste your time and too. So only the idea to open the lock with a paperclip is best at that point. It’s just a trick; then you can open the lock within no time and can solve your problem.

Steps to Pick a Lock with Paperclip

Here I am going to brief you that how to pick a lock with a paperclip and what kind of material required for this process;

1)    To open a lock first, you have to collect all the stuff for it as Two Paperclips (one is used as a lock pick and other as a tension wrench). A multi-tool or a plier to bend the paperclip. This plier acts as a hand tool as it becomes difficult to bend the paperclip if you use your hands.

2)    Now hold the first paperclip and unfold its one end. After unfolding it’s one end turn it from the top with the help of any hand tool like plier to make rake pick as shown: This paperclip will look like a core-like structure from the front to pick the lock.

Pick a Lock with a Paperclip

3)    As you complete with the rake pick, then take the second paperclip and make it straight from the both ends with the help of plier just like a straight wire. After this bend this straight wire from the center and then turn it again from the upper part to make a wrench like structure as shown:

How to Pick a Lock with a Paperclip

4)    So your two paperclips are ready. One in the form of tension wrench and other in the form of feeler pick or lock pick. Now you can open the lock easily when you want in your house or anywhere.

5)    Just insert the lock pick into the lock and also the tension wrench in it. Then move the feeler pick with the continuous rotation of the tension wrench, your lock will open within seconds with this process.

So this is the complete process to open the lock, and it is very cheap and time-saving process. If you got the trick top open the lock, then you do not have to worry about the keys.

Here is the video tutorial showing the extensive process of picking the lock with the help of paperclips. So in that video, you will get to learn the trick that how you can pick the lock, and also you can see in this video the practical of opening the lock.

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Apple iPhone 7 the Redefined Technology

iphone 7

Finally, the wait is over as Apple is going to launch it’s the best smartphone iPhone 7. There are so many rumors about the phone and its features. But here we will provide you the specifications and features of iPhone 7 which are releasing on the week of September 12.

We will expect to see the apple’s product, IPhone 7, IPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 7 plus. In these phones, there is a bit difference of screen and memory. The most prominent feature of this phone is that it’s a waterproof gadget. You can use it freely. This phone is unique, and you will look a smartphone definitely in a new way that how the OS works on this phone.

Specification And Features of iPhone 7

The perfectly made IOS 10 with elegant design has the flat interface with even better graphics to see. This phone is available with an oleophobic coating and also embedded with ion-strengthened glass to make it healthy but still slim of about 6.1 mm body.

  • Apple’s iPhone 7 has the powerful dual-core processor to enhance it’s working and smooth interface. Ram is also improved from 1GB to 2GB to run the applications even better.
  • The camera of 12 MP, f/2.2, 29mm, phase detection autofocus with a flash and secondary camera of 5 MP, f2.2, 31mm and it supports 1080p@30fps, HDR and panorama shot makes it more unique with audio and 4K video recording. The phone of 4.7 inches screen has a compass, gyro, barometer and fingerprint sensors. IPhone 7 is 3G, and 4G supported with Bluetooth v 4.2 with A2DP. The shocking feature of 3D touch will make this IOS, most successful IOS ever.
  • The iPhone 7 is available with the memory slot of 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB as per requirement of the user. More features are a cloud, Apple pay + Visa, Google Maps, Audio, video and photo editor. NanoSim, wireless charging, speakerphone and waterproof.

The Apple iPhone 7 with IOS 10 and the waterproof feature will rock the world as the users of iPhone are excitedly waiting for this product.

iPhone 7 Plus

IPhone 7 with the Ram of 2GB is available with the screen size of 5.5 inches and rest of the features of this phone is same as that of iPhone 7. The bigger size of 7 plus makes it professional and the best part that you can watch the HD result on larger screen.

iPhone 7 pro

This phone is available with the best modification in it to make it unique to use. IPhone 7 Pro has Ram of 3GB with faster and smooth interface. This 3GB Ram makes the performance of this phone, even more, better as you can use all the applications without any hindrance in it.

This phone also has different memory sizes like 32, 128 and 256 GB respectively. The most professional phone with 5.5 inches screen is just going to release now.

The iPhone users have to wait until September to the expected date of the liberation of this phone is in the week of September 12. So stay in touch for more updates regarding its release.

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Showbox for iPhone to Watch Your Favorite Movie


The app Showbox for iPhone is designed to watch various TV shows and movies for the sake of entertainment. This app is interesting to have in your free time, as your favorite movie is just one click away from you.

Showbox app contains so many tabs in it, and it is user-friendly. The film of every genre like action, Sci-Fi, Romantic, and suspense are available at this app for free. Now you don’t have to memorize if you missed your TV show because it can be available on your phone in the show box app for iPhone.

Versions of Showbox App

The developers of Showbox application monitors this app and its working every time. If there would be any problem with this app or any bug, the developers launch new version app to stay safe from any problem and error while running all time demanding app Showbox.

This app is available for iPhone 6 and six plus 8.1.3, 8.2 and 8.3 without any jailbreaking. I will discuss the downloading and installation of Showbox as in the previous article related to apps like Showbox.

User-Friendly App

The reason behind the fact that this app is getting familiar with the days is its user-friendly development. The developers have made this app, and their primary focus was to make this app user-friendly to make it easy to understand for the user.

This app contains many functions and features as;

  • All the latest TV shows and movies updates on the server automatically.
  • There are three modes of resolution available;
  1.  High
  2.  Medium
  3.  Low
  • You can search the film by applying the filter such as genre and year of the movie.
  • Very easy and efficient to use because of its user-friendly interface.
  • You can add your favorite movie to “My Library” by downloading it from the Showbox.

showbox iphone

All these are the reasons for the popularity of this app that it is full of entertainment that can never let your mood down. The most trending movie and the video are available on Showbox.

Although Showbox is the best app to watch movies but sometimes if you are facing the problem in using the app because of its server down an issue, then you have many apps like Showbox for having fun by watching movies. The apps like Playbox HD, Crackle, and Hulu, are also known for their excellent service regarding entertainment and fun. We will discuss these apps a little bit.

PlayBox HD App

This app is full of enjoyment and refreshment due to its super HD quality streaming and Sky HD downloading. This app is available on Android versions all well as for the IOS. Best and viral app have all the latest and old movies collection and a full package of fun for you and your family. You can enjoy the film free of cost using this PlayBox HD app on your smartphone.


This app is the best alternate for the Showbox as this app is very famous all over the world. The thing is that you do not have to sign up for watching movies and videos, you just have to download the app and start watching your show. The update time of content on this app is very efficient.

Like the Showbox app, you can also save your content in this app and can see whatever you want. It is best option to watch the movie free of cost by downloading this app from the store. This app is also free.


Every app got famous due to its best working like Hulu got the advantage that it updates all the TV shows and the movie as it on Air on the TV. And you can watch it without any wait. The option of Watch list is also available in this app to sort your data of movies according to your mood. Web-based streaming also makes this app more efficient and enjoyable.

There are so much more apps like Showbox to entertain yourself in which Cartoon HD app can mention because of its healthy development and working on a smartphone.

apps like showbox

ShowBox for IPad

Showbox for iPhone is not only available for iPhone, but it is also there for IPad as Showbox for iPad. You can now download and watch the TV shows on your iPad by installing the Showbox app for IPad. There are huge fans of this app because this app contains the bulk of movies and TV shows in it for the people of every age. Mostly people are not the user of a phone, so they demand the same app for their devices like IPad and Android phones. So you can found this app if you are using IPad.

How to Download Showbox without Jailbreaking

That was about the IPad that you can use the app on IPad now let’s have a look at the download procedure of Showbox for iPhone without jailbreaking as we discussed it in Moviebox for iPhone.

  • Go to the setting option of your phone.
  • Select “General” and Date and Time option from it.
  • Adjust the date as December 20 and then download the app on your phone from your store.
  • After the app has installed, then again go to the settings of date and time and select the “Automatic” adjustment of date and time option.

In this way, you can download and install the app Showbox to have fun in your free time. This app is all about enjoyment and fun. If you are at your home, and you want to watch the movie then just click on this app and search the film you want to watch and enjoy it with your food you like to eat while looking at a video.

The developers of Showbox are continuously analyzing the app regarding it’s updated and working, and the latest version of the application will be available to you with the passage of time. For more updates on the apps like Showbox and moviebox for your device stay in touch and stay updated.



Lexia Reading Core 5 Program to Support Education


The literacy rate of any country is one of its biggest assets. To represent your country, education is necessary, and if your child is struggling in studies, then Lexia Reading Core 5 is there for you. The primary focus of this program is to get your child educated and skilled so that he can never be down anywhere.

The lexia Reading program has the proper schedule for literacy improvement for grade K-12 and grade 6-12 students that how to train them from basic level to expert level. As we mentioned earlier that lexia program is also helpful for the teacher as it is providing facilities as;

  • It provides all the basic needs and services to the teacher for the best instruction.
  • The performance of the student is in a simple way that is easy to understand for staff.
  • Lexia engages students in healthy activities that improves their learning skills.

Program For Literacy Improvement

Skills of students can be very when they proceed to next level, and it is challenging to meet up to their level to and lexia reading program is providing teachers and student the best environment to study.

The students who are struggling improves their skills using lexia programme. As this web-based program lexia re-engages the student, who are hard to train and study and provide them all the facilities regarding their interest so that they can flourish all the way.

Friendly Environment

To make the study practical and comfortable lexia provides a friendly environment to the student to learn to the maximum level. You only have to log in to your lexia program and start learning English or whatever is your weak portion. There is no system of attendance as in the schools. Here you study in just like gaming environment where you motivates to learn and to get new skills.

Students usually don’t like the exam system as they want to enjoy, and lexia also have no review system, but it has its assent program that student happily adopt it. Open up your device like Ipad, Android tablets or laptop and start to assess your child. The student learns at his pace without the pressure of exams and set his level of learning.

Management Of Lexia

Lexia reading core 5 works on proper management and provide all the staff and students a balanced schedule. Special instructions for the teachers that how to guide the students and how much work assigned to them according to their learning skills.

The students who are weak in English can improve their language using lexia because it manages all the lessons according to the learning ability of the student. One can quickly develop him/herself within days.

Learn to work independently as lexia reading program provide online activities for the students. And students get to engage in that activity and by this, their level of experience improves and they learn to work independently and make their decisions without any resistance. Your child is your future, so focus on his education as lexia reading program cares of learning of your child.

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