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Antimalware Service Executable a Pre-Installed program

antimalware service executable
antimalware service executable

Antimalware Service Executable is a process running in the background by your Window Defender to protect your PC from all the Pop-ups and virus. It is usually pre-installed in your system as you it works in the background without any activation.

We can also declare that it is a type of anti-virus that protects your system from all the errors and unwanted data. When you works on your PC and if it got hanged then you would prefer to open the Task Manager to see that which program is responsible for making your PC’s performance so much slow. “Antimalware Service Executable” is one of the causes of slowing down your system because it was hanged the system by taking disk usage.

Why It Takes High Usage Of System?

To protect your PC from all the virus and popups, you would need an anti-virus to monitor your system and will make you alert of all the virus creating data. Antimalware Service automatically runs in your background and control your system every time and also blocks all the pop ups and sustains the speed of your PC. And in doing all this process, it takes high usage of the system, and that’s why your system hangs sometimes.

Un-Schedule the Defender

Here I will tell you that how you can change the settings of the Window defender from the Task Manager:

  • The first step is to open the Task Scheduler by clicking the start option and write “Task Scheduler” in the search bar.
  • After your Task Scheduler appears on your screen then click on the “conditions” button as shown:

Antimalware Service Executable a Pre-Installed program

  • Uncheck all the option as shown above as these options are not of your concern and click “OK” button

In this way, you can change the setting of the window defender and save your PC from being slow down and from the hanging problems. Other options are also available to clean your device as:

Update of Window

There is another way available for you to clean your computer and it is window update. This inbuilt tool will act as a defender and will clean the entire systems from all the malware and errors. It will update your all the files automatically, so it is the best option to have.

Replacement of Window Defender

When you disable all the settings of the Antimalware Service Executable, then your system will free from all the anti-virus stuff, and now it is totally unsafe to use as there is no detection and blocking of the malware stuff, pop-up ads, and other useless material.

So you need a substitution for it, you can download the anti-virus software like Avast, Panda and Avg on your PC to make it secure as it will do the function of window defender in your system and will secure your device from all the malware stuff. You can get more information and data regarding the latest updates and other innovations, and for this stay in touch and stay updated.


Adventure the Space for the First Time

NASA allows U.S aerospace company
NASA allows U.S aerospace company

To travel in the space is impractical for the common man as it is always related with the astronauts, that it is only their task to move in the space. But now it is nor more impossible as U.S aerospace company got the permit/license to travel the space.

NASA allows U.S aerospace company that they can move to space with the passengers and New Mexico Richard Branson’s is first ever Space Company to get this license and it’s a huge achievement for them. The license was issued by Federal Aviation Administration after the complete inspection of the spacecraft. And there will be six passengers at a time that can be in space. Crew members along with the two pilots will also there in the spacecraft as there is unique space for them on a plane.

First Flight to Space

The first ever flight to space is expected to take off next year with six passengers in it. The tickets are available for sale, and the starting price of the ticket is $2.5 million. Richard Branson, the owner of the company, was aimed at this achievement for many years. That would be achievable in 2007 but due to some accidents during the test like the explosion of 2007 during the flight-test and the crash of test-flight in October 2014 delayed the work.

About Virgin’s Spaceport

Virgin has signed a contract with Abu Dhabi to develop a Spaceport and on the other hand, they are also thinking to operate their flights from Spaceport America in Mexico. This company has more than 700 customers registered for the spaceflights that also includes some Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt, Kety Perry, and Angelina Jolie.

After the crash of 2014, some people canceled their booking due to lack of trust on the spacecraft. But now there will be no issue with the spacecraft as it is thoroughly examined by Federal Aviation Administration. Virgin Galactic got the rank of the company in 1999. Richard Branson and Rutan announced a combine progress between Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites to get the continuation of the spaceflights. According to Richard Branson, it’s a very long journey that he started to achieve his aim, and now he got the license to travel to space and people are booking to enjoy this adventure.

With the six passengers in the spacecraft, there will also be a huge space to enjoy and will have large windows in it to look back to the earth and enjoy the memorable scenes. After this success, now the next step of a virgin is to find the proper launching area for the spacecraft where they can be able to launch their flights correctly. But they will find it, and we are expecting the first ever flight to space with the ordinary people in next year.

No doubt, it will go to have some shocking and sudden impact on the world after seeing the first ever flight to space by Richard Branson’s company. You can read more about the latest news regarding technology and for getting daily updates stay in touch.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the New Era of Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the New Era of Smartphones
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the New Era of Smartphones

Samsung is going to launch its new smartphone Galaxy Note 7 on August 19 2016 to compete with the smartphones having latest technology and innovation in them. The launching ceremony will be held in London, New York, and Rio. This smartphone is expected to beat all the competition in the market.

Some amazing features of Galaxy Note 7 make it more beautiful and the fascinating invention of Samsung Company. Following are some prominent and unique features of galaxy note seven expect from the other phones.

The Samsung’s S-Pen

The most exciting feature of Note 7 is its S-Pen that is unique from all the previous releases. The user can make his quick notes and can operate the contents and icons with S-pen.

samsung Galaxy note 7

Another rumor about the features of Note 7 is Translate. This feature allows you to translate the words in different foreign languages by jousting passing the S-pen over them. To hear the perfect pronunciation of the icon just tap S-Pen on it, you will listen to the pronunciation of that icon.

Dual Camera

Another expectation from the smartphone is its dual camera. As Galaxy S7 is famous for its power camera and photography, now it’s time to announce the latest design of the camera. Note 7 has the dual camera of 12 megapixels with outstanding autofocus that can record the video in 4k.

Task Switcher

Task switcher is related with the S-Pen that task switcher will be activated with the help of S-Pen that allows you to switch to another app immediately.


The particular sensor used in Note 7 is Iris scanner. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is introducing this sensor in Android phones for the first time. The user can scan his eyes using the Iris scanner to unlock the phone. Other sensors like fingerprint, compass, and gyro are increasing these days in the smartphones.

Other Features of Note 7

Samsung galaxy note 7 has some fantastic feature as it processor is 2.3 GHz Dual-core Kryo, 1.6 Ghz Dual-Core key. And CPU: Adreno 530 to work faster and reliable. The display size of 5.7 inches makes it larger and clear to look at ultra HD result, 1440*2560 pixels (~515 PPI pixel density). Note 7 has a large memory of 64/128/256 GB built-in with powerful Ram of 6GB with microSD card support up to 256 GB. The Android version of OS v 7.0 (Nougat) is the latest version of OS in Note 7.

The Note 7 is available with the display color of AMOLED captivating touch screen, multi-touch and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 black panel. And the colors in which Note 7 is available are Silver titanium, blue coral, and Onyx. Note seven supports (Single Sim + Nano Sim) or (Dual Sim + Nano Sim, Dual Standby); Samsung pays (MasterCard certified) Active Noise cancellation with dedicated mic, fast charging, photo/video editor and a document editor in it.

You would not have to wait to grab this amazing galaxy phone as it has all the attractive features that force you to buy this phone. You can read more about the latest release by subscribing us.

Altwork Station Latest Design Of Desk Engineering

Altwork Station Latest Design Of Desk Engineering

It appears to be very captivating that desks are in the standing or even recline positions. We people are habitual of the desk that are in the standard positions, and we love working on them. But Altwork Station brings an innovation in desk design that you can work in your desired position.

Altwork station is specially designed for the computer users who use a computer for minimum three to four hours on daily basis. It is very expensive to design by desk engineering of about $3,9000. And it is just a promotional price of this desk as by the time we expected this price to be about $5,900.

Amazing Facts About Altwork Station

Altwork station will suit for the offices in the open areas as it weighs 210 pounds and its quiet dark. This weight helps Altwork to lift and support human and your computer. Altwork station has a comfortable place to sit by extending your arm to work at the best comfort level. On the left side of a chair, there is an extending stand to hold your computer or laptop and in front of your seat, there is a small desk on which you can place your mouse and keyboard to work. That is the most reliable workstation till the date as it can be lifted high and down, that allow you to work in the stress-free environment. This chair also resembles the “dentist chair” that can move and adjust to the desired position.

It is a tough task to look at the screen of a computer for 4 hours consistently by sitting straight. It can result from a lot of stress on your shoulders and your muscles that are not healthy for you, as it can damage your health. The best solution to avoid this stress is at the workstation. It allows you to lay straight, sit in normal position and even recline. If you want to work by laying down straight then, this workstation allows you to do this. The wheels at the lower end of artwork station enable it to move in the direction you want. You can also adjust the height of the desk to make it comfortable to use. You can adjust and align everything according to your desire in this workstation. As if you change the desk then you must also make the sitting place in the set position to get everything in alignment.

Purpose Of This Workstation

The makers of this marvelous and impressive design have the opinion that office workers should do their work in a stress-free environment, and this altwork station is the best option for them to function without any fear. The altwork station will also improve the productivity or enhances the input of the work because of its stress-free environment.

This expensive product is hardly recommended for the people with a handsome or small budget. It will be amazing to see the popularity of this fascinating invention among the people, but it will take time as this is the very expensive product. People usually prefer the technology at the low price to work. But this fantastic design of desk engineering will work better.

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