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How to Get Rid Of Milia on Skin

how to get rid of milia
how to get rid of milia

Removal of milia is not easy as the deletion of a pimple. It is a bit painful process as you have to unroof the milia. We have to destroy it from the roots to remove it permanently.

In our this article, you will learn that how to get rid of milia in the home. You will get the proper method in this article but before this, we have to understand what milia is?

how to get rid of milia

What is Milia?

Milia is white, and small bump usually appears on the cheeks, on the nose, and under eyes. It commonly occurs in infants and young guys, in children milia is not a very serious disease, and it can be cured easily by just cleaning the skin regularly.

Burning in the skin and constant irritation are the common symptoms of milia. So follow the following steps to get rid of milia:

Steps to Getting Rid Of Milia

1)    Wash your face properly with soap or face wash that you commonly use to clean your skin.

2)    You should have a tweezer or any sharp needle in your hand to remove the milia.

3)    After washing the skin, make it dry completely as it helps in the removal of milia.

4)    Now pull apart the skin of milia or skin next to milia just a little bit to remove it from the root.

5)    Now gently push that milium outward from the skin with the help of tweezer. And keep in mind that pull it outside with a gentle press and keep your skin safe from any damage.

6)    After this clean your skin gently with tissue paper.


While doing this process to remove the milia from your skin, keep the following things in mind:

1)    Wash the needle and tweezer with antibiotic liquid to avoid the infection.

2)    Do not pull the skin carefully. Just use the gentle push.

Milia is entirely different from a pimple, so it is a strict advice for you to avoid any harsh activity to your skin. Milia under the eyes is same as on any part of your skin but if you think that how to get rid of milia under eyes then we suggest you to concern the doctor in a critical condition.

A skin specialist can recommend you any antibiotic for milia. Otherwise, the home remedies for the removal of milia are same as these are discussed on the top.

Commonly Found Milia

Milia is often found in newborn babies as it clears up within few days and sometimes it take weeks to clean up. In the infants, Milia are common problem, and it often clears up without any medication.

There is no proper medication for it, but to wash your skin and dry it on the regular basis. As eyes are the most delicate part of human being, so we must prevent from any home remedies for eyes.

Hope you guys will get the idea of treating the milia on skin. You can get more tips like this. Stay in connected for more information.

How to Make Yourself Sneeze to Get Relief

how to make yourself sneeze
how to make yourself sneeze

Sneezing provides you a bit comfort if you have itching substances in your nose. To remove these elements, sneezing is the best option. But it is a natural process, and you do not have any control over it.

Sometimes you have got irritated and wants to seek some comfort then we will tell you that how to do this. In this article, I will inform you that how to make yourself sneeze:

Methods to Make You Sneeze

Methods to Make You Sneeze

Following are the steps or methods to make yourself sneeze at any time you want:

1)    Titillate inside your nose with some tissue paper of feather.

2)    As we all know that we have hair on our nose. So, remove hair from the nose with the help of hair plucker. This will make you sneeze for minimum one time.

3)    Cocoa! Yes, it is excellent for sneezing, the more cocoa particles you have more will be the chances of sneezing.

4)    Use your sense of smell to get sneeze. Inhale powder of green chilies, you may get sneeze with this.

5)    Drinking soda in large quantity will also get you sneeze sometimes.

6)    Tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

7)    Look at the light of the sun or any bright light for 30 seconds as this may cause you sneezing.

8)    Smell any heavy perfume for 3 to 4 seconds.

9)    Inhale some black pepper into your nose as this most authentic method to get yourself sneeze whenever you want.

So these are some common methods use for sneezing. That is a natural process as I mentioned earlier but if you want it on demand, then you can quickly adopt any one of the methods discussed at the top.

Now you have multiple choices that how to get yourself sneeze without pepper. If you do not have any pepper then:

  • “Tickle inside your nose with the help of some paper piece or feather.” This is best option to utilize if the pepper is not available. As it is discussed that sense of smell helps you a lot in getting yourself sneeze. You can smell pepper or any itching powder.
  • The solution of how to get sneeze on command is also available. If someone orders you to get sneezed, then get yourself sneeze by plucking the hair of your nose with any hair plucker.

Spicy Food for Sneezing

To sneeze when you do not want is a bit tricky thing. But here comes the best solution for you, everyone’s love tasty food and fast food also. So if you like to eat a lot of spicy food with high amount of sauces and chilies in it, then you will get sneeze.

Usually, people prefer cold drinks to avoid the sneezing factor, but if you want to sneeze then, spicy food will make you sneeze within no time.

Hope you guys get the idea of how to make yourself sneeze and if you want more then stay connected and in touch.

How to Delete Songs from iPhone


To delete the songs from iPhone is an easy process as it won’t take too long to delete the unwanted songs. We will guide you properly that how to remove songs from iPhone:

1)    First of all find the song that you want to delete from your phone.

2)    Then tap the “… ” button on the right side of the screen for more options to manage.

3)    From these options select or tap the “delete” option.

4)    Your selected song will erase and to confirm it you can check again by refreshing the playlist.

delete the songs from iPhone

So easy as you like, the song which is not of your choice is no longer a part of your iPhone memory. If you are not a regular user of iPhone, then you do not need to worry as this is the very simple procedure to have.

How to Delete All Songs From iPhone

This solution was for one song that you can delete but what if you want to remove all the songs from your phone? No problem! This method is also very easy, follow these steps if you want to know that how to remove all songs from iPhone:

1)    Move to “Settings”—“General”—“Storage & iCloud Usage”—“Manage Store. “

2)    Tap the Music option from the list.

3)    Swipe on the left of all the songs.

4)    Tap the delete button.

Tap the Music option from the list

So after deleting all the songs you can able to download new songs. This method will work surely if you are using IOS 7 or any other iOS version. But some option will get change with the latest iOS versions.

Delete Songs from IOS 8

The regular users of Apple’s iPhone know very well that there is little bit difference in all the iOS versions. The user of iOS 7 can also use iOS 8 easily with small changes in the options.

The purpose of telling about the versions is that you can also delete all the songs from IOS 8 with similar steps but for user’s satisfaction here the complete steps:

1)    Move to “Settings”—“General”—“Storage & iCloud Usage”—“Manage Store. “

2)    Tap the Music option from the list.

3)    Swipe on the left of all the songs.

4)    Tap the delete button.

All the versions of iOS are available with smaller changes in them. You can perform the same task efficiently on every version of iOS. The easiest one is to delete the songs.

There are various apps and sites available for the downloading of the songs and sometime if you get the wrong song, then you know that how to delete songs from iPhone.

Delete The Album of Songs from iPhone

Albums of songs can also be removed from phone easily with the same steps with one change that “instead of Selecting only one song, select the whole album” of songs to remove it and then “Tap delete.”

If you still have any problem, and you are not getting the exact idea then follow this tutorial. Hopefully, it will work for you.

How to Delete Songs from iPhone by techeworld 

If you want more information like this, stay in touch to get all the updates and news.

How to Make a Paper Airplane in Simple 8 Steps

How to Make a Paper Airplane
How to Make a Paper Airplane

Paper airplane is a bit interesting thing to made and fly it. In free time you can do some creative work and can examine your creativity skills. To make a paper airplane is also a creativity and you can do it very well.

Here we will tell you that how to make a paper airplane in simple 8 steps so that you can make it easily in your home and can enjoy the fun with your friends. So finally here the steps to do it:

  • Take a plain paper or a sheet of your choice. The length of the sheet will not matter as it is entirely up to you that what size of plane you want to make. Then fold the sheet in half and then reopen it.

plain paper

  • Now fold the two upper corners of the sheet in such a way that they meet at the center of the sheet.

fold the two upper corners papers

  • Then fold down these two edges to make an envelope-like a shape of the sheet. This shape should be proper to proceed further.

fold down these two edges

  • Now you will find two new corners after making the envelope-like shape. Fold these two new corners in such a way that they will meet at the central crease.

two new corners

  • Fold up the point that you made in the previous step to make a firm grip during the flying of a plane.

flying of a plane

  • Now fold this again and keep in mind that when you fold, then all the folded sides will come in the outward direction. If this happens to you too then, it is sure that you are doing it right.

outward direction

  • To make the wings of the airplane fold the both side towards the bottom in such a way that the wings are in alignment with the plane.

wings of the airplane fold

  • Now try to test your flight and make it correct if there is still any fault in it. And enjoy your free time.

So as you see, it is very easy to make the paper airplane in the free time. It will hardly take your 2-3 minutes to make a paper airplane. If you want to keep your child happy and smiley then you can give him small gifts like a paper airplane to make him/her happy.

To make a paper airplane is just your creativity and if you are an expert in it, then you can also teach your friend that how to make a paper airplane in simple eight steps. It does not end here you can use create many things like flowers, home and decoration pieces with the paper to test your creativity in free time.

Hope you understand that procedure. And if there is any confusion you can watch the following tutorial to figure out the proper method to make a paper airplane in 2 minutes of time.

How to Make a Paper Airplane in Simple 8 Steps by techeworld

You can get more tips regarding home remedies to improve your skills and stay in touch for all updates.

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