I hope you guys are familiar with the cheats of words with friends. To make the game easy and straightforward words with friend cheat board are always act as a helping hand. You can search and get all the words from the cheat board and can beat your friend in a challenge.

Now one of these questions will arise in your mind that, what is the layout of cheat board? How can we use it to find words? So, we have all the answers to your questions, and we will provide you the best and easy words with friends’ cheat board layout. You can utilize the cheat board easily.

Layout of Cheat Board


Here we go, the cheat board will look like this as you can see in the picture above. What you have to do is just enter the alphabets and get the required result on the cheat board.

Method to search the words

If you are playing the game Words with friends, first time and you have no idea that how to proceed with the cheat board then we are at your service to solve the problem. Follow the following steps to find the possible combination of words:

    Visit any site regarding the cheats of words with friends as we discussed in the previous article of words with friends.

    After this enter the alphabets that you have in the game to find words.

    After entering the letters click on “Find Words.”

    In this way, the cheat board will appear at the bottom containing the list of available words.

    Pick the words from the board and put it in the game to win.

Hope you guys understand the method as it is very easy to comprehend as well as to follow. If there is a bit confusion, then you can look at the example that is discussed below:

Sample illustration


As you can see that I have entered “AACKORT” and in the bottom of “find words” block, there is a list of words called cheats. From these words, you can select the word of your choice to earn maximum points.

So this is all about the layout of words with friends’ cheat board. You can get more information about cheats of tricky games.