Defend your kingdom and survive while your enemy attacked you hard. Face the gun shots bravely and develop the proper piece of strategy to tackle with your enemies. Your strategy to deal with the rivals matters. You have to be one step ahead of your rivals to be on the top. This game has various classes of the enemies, and your skills should be better than them.

Download kingdom rush frontiers apk free here and claim the responsibility of more the n 8 territories under your observance. Various maps are waiting for you and also there are jungles in the story too to add some more twist in it. Use your weapons in an accurate way, strike the enemies with bombs and missiles to defend your kingdom.

Downloading button has the complete apk file of kingdom rush; you can download it from here to your android device and develop new strategies on your mobile phones. Click the button to continue the installation process.

Features of Kingdom rush

  • Heroic fights and defend of Kingdom
  • Noisy environment full of gun shots
  • New strategies from enemies
  • High graphics
  • Many more exciting features

Download Kingdom Rush origins apk

Download, the Kingdom Rush Origins, apk too and enjoy defending your kingdom from the attack of enemies. Multiple weapons are available in the game to counter attack the rivals and overcome the situation quickly. In this game, you will face the dragons too. So be prepare for more fun and fight at the same time.

Click the downloading button and get the best strategical game Kingdom rush to your Android device as easily as you can. Install the game and play it at your best level.


  • Heroic fights and defend of kingdom
  • Noisy environment full of gun shots
  • New strategies from enemies
  • High graphics
  • Many more exiting features

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