The new users of Mac often face the problem that they do not know how to uninstall mac keeper from their MacBook. They find it a bit difficult task to get rid of mac keeper.

In reality, if you are a regular user of Mac, then you surely know that it is the easiest task to perform. It is quite easy and tactful. In this article you will learn steps that how to uninstall mac keeper from MacBook and much more regarding this:

Steps to Uninstall Mackeeper

Keep your MacBook in your hand and follow the following steps to get rid of mac keeper:

1)    Firstly moves the Mackeeper app to the trash. You can also use cmd+Delete to make it move to trash.

2)    A window will appear, click on “Uninstall Mackeeper” to remove it.

3)    Wait! The process is not completed yet. Due to security issues, all the backup data that you have made and the Mackeeper Helping Folder is still there.

4)    To find this helping folder you can visit: ~/Library/Application Support. That helpful folder contains the plugins like NoticeEngine.

5)    Clean this folder and this will remove from your MacBook. After making the trash empty, restart or reboot your MacBook to make the uninstallation process complete.

After the completion of uninstallation process, you can confirm it by visiting: “caches,” “LaunchAgents,” “Application Support” and “LaunchDaemons.”

This is how you can uninstall the Mac keeper from your MacBook and if you have any problem the comment it to let us know. Revise your steps again to avoid the common mistakes.

How to Uninstall Mackeeper Malware

Mackeeper malware can be removed easily from MacBook. It is approximately the same process as we discussed above to uninstall the mac keeper. With the small differences in the procedure check out the steps:

1)    In the start, open the Mac keeper and then again close it.

2)    Now drag the mac keeper from applications to Trap or use the “cmd+delete.”

3)    When you enter your password, a pop-up window will appear with a message to uninstall the Mac keeper or any mackeeper malware.

4)    Click on the Uninstall to continue.

5)    After uninstalling it, remove the helper folder from the library to complete the uninstallation of mac keeper malware.

6)    Now restart the MacBook and check all files and folders again to confirm the process.

That is all about the uninstallation of mac keeper malware, and you can be an expert in doing all these, with the passage of time if you are a new user of Facebook. Good Luck, and try it at your home on your MacBook.

How to Uninstall Megabackup

Installation of mega backup for Mac is easy to process, and you will not have to worry if you are not very much familiar with the usage of Mac. We will guide you properly, and check out all the steps to uninstall the mega backup:

1)    Open the application and then again close it.

2)    Now open the Applications folder and move the mega backup to trash.

3)    Enter your password as it is necessary for the sake of security reasons.

4)    Now empty the trash to remove the mega backup from it.

5)    Restart MacBook to complete the process of installation.

Hope you guys get the idea of uninstalling mac keeper, mac keeper malware, and mega backup. The users of Mac will get help from this and tell me if you face any problem during the uninstallation.