Sneezing provides you a bit comfort if you have itching substances in your nose. To remove these elements, sneezing is the best option. But it is a natural process, and you do not have any control over it.

Sometimes you have got irritated and wants to seek some comfort then we will tell you that how to do this. In this article, I will inform you that how to make yourself sneeze:

Methods to Make You Sneeze

Methods to Make You Sneeze

Following are the steps or methods to make yourself sneeze at any time you want:

1)    Titillate inside your nose with some tissue paper of feather.

2)    As we all know that we have hair on our nose. So, remove hair from the nose with the help of hair plucker. This will make you sneeze for minimum one time.

3)    Cocoa! Yes, it is excellent for sneezing, the more cocoa particles you have more will be the chances of sneezing.

4)    Use your sense of smell to get sneeze. Inhale powder of green chilies, you may get sneeze with this.

5)    Drinking soda in large quantity will also get you sneeze sometimes.

6)    Tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

7)    Look at the light of the sun or any bright light for 30 seconds as this may cause you sneezing.

8)    Smell any heavy perfume for 3 to 4 seconds.

9)    Inhale some black pepper into your nose as this most authentic method to get yourself sneeze whenever you want.

So these are some common methods use for sneezing. That is a natural process as I mentioned earlier but if you want it on demand, then you can quickly adopt any one of the methods discussed at the top.

Now you have multiple choices that how to get yourself sneeze without pepper. If you do not have any pepper then:

  • “Tickle inside your nose with the help of some paper piece or feather.” This is best option to utilize if the pepper is not available. As it is discussed that sense of smell helps you a lot in getting yourself sneeze. You can smell pepper or any itching powder.
  • The solution of how to get sneeze on command is also available. If someone orders you to get sneezed, then get yourself sneeze by plucking the hair of your nose with any hair plucker.

Spicy Food for Sneezing

To sneeze when you do not want is a bit tricky thing. But here comes the best solution for you, everyone’s love tasty food and fast food also. So if you like to eat a lot of spicy food with high amount of sauces and chilies in it, then you will get sneeze.

Usually, people prefer cold drinks to avoid the sneezing factor, but if you want to sneeze then, spicy food will make you sneeze within no time.

Hope you guys get the idea of how to make yourself sneeze and if you want more then stay connected and in touch.