Paper airplane is a bit interesting thing to made and fly it. In free time you can do some creative work and can examine your creativity skills. To make a paper airplane is also a creativity and you can do it very well.

Here we will tell you that how to make a paper airplane in simple 8 steps so that you can make it easily in your home and can enjoy the fun with your friends. So finally here the steps to do it:

  • Take a plain paper or a sheet of your choice. The length of the sheet will not matter as it is entirely up to you that what size of plane you want to make. Then fold the sheet in half and then reopen it.

plain paper

  • Now fold the two upper corners of the sheet in such a way that they meet at the center of the sheet.

fold the two upper corners papers

  • Then fold down these two edges to make an envelope-like a shape of the sheet. This shape should be proper to proceed further.

fold down these two edges

  • Now you will find two new corners after making the envelope-like shape. Fold these two new corners in such a way that they will meet at the central crease.

two new corners

  • Fold up the point that you made in the previous step to make a firm grip during the flying of a plane.

flying of a plane

  • Now fold this again and keep in mind that when you fold, then all the folded sides will come in the outward direction. If this happens to you too then, it is sure that you are doing it right.

outward direction

  • To make the wings of the airplane fold the both side towards the bottom in such a way that the wings are in alignment with the plane.

wings of the airplane fold

  • Now try to test your flight and make it correct if there is still any fault in it. And enjoy your free time.

So as you see, it is very easy to make the paper airplane in the free time. It will hardly take your 2-3 minutes to make a paper airplane. If you want to keep your child happy and smiley then you can give him small gifts like a paper airplane to make him/her happy.

To make a paper airplane is just your creativity and if you are an expert in it, then you can also teach your friend that how to make a paper airplane in simple eight steps. It does not end here you can use create many things like flowers, home and decoration pieces with the paper to test your creativity in free time.

Hope you understand that procedure. And if there is any confusion you can watch the following tutorial to figure out the proper method to make a paper airplane in 2 minutes of time.

How to Make a Paper Airplane in Simple 8 Steps by techeworld

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