Removal of milia is not easy as the deletion of a pimple. It is a bit painful process as you have to unroof the milia. We have to destroy it from the roots to remove it permanently.

In our this article, you will learn that how to get rid of milia in the home. You will get the proper method in this article but before this, we have to understand what milia is?

how to get rid of milia

What is Milia?

Milia is white, and small bump usually appears on the cheeks, on the nose, and under eyes. It commonly occurs in infants and young guys, in children milia is not a very serious disease, and it can be cured easily by just cleaning the skin regularly.

Burning in the skin and constant irritation are the common symptoms of milia. So follow the following steps to get rid of milia:

Steps to Getting Rid Of Milia

1)    Wash your face properly with soap or face wash that you commonly use to clean your skin.

2)    You should have a tweezer or any sharp needle in your hand to remove the milia.

3)    After washing the skin, make it dry completely as it helps in the removal of milia.

4)    Now pull apart the skin of milia or skin next to milia just a little bit to remove it from the root.

5)    Now gently push that milium outward from the skin with the help of tweezer. And keep in mind that pull it outside with a gentle press and keep your skin safe from any damage.

6)    After this clean your skin gently with tissue paper.


While doing this process to remove the milia from your skin, keep the following things in mind:

1)    Wash the needle and tweezer with antibiotic liquid to avoid the infection.

2)    Do not pull the skin carefully. Just use the gentle push.

Milia is entirely different from a pimple, so it is a strict advice for you to avoid any harsh activity to your skin. Milia under the eyes is same as on any part of your skin but if you think that how to get rid of milia under eyes then we suggest you to concern the doctor in a critical condition.

A skin specialist can recommend you any antibiotic for milia. Otherwise, the home remedies for the removal of milia are same as these are discussed on the top.

Commonly Found Milia

Milia is often found in newborn babies as it clears up within few days and sometimes it take weeks to clean up. In the infants, Milia are common problem, and it often clears up without any medication.

There is no proper medication for it, but to wash your skin and dry it on the regular basis. As eyes are the most delicate part of human being, so we must prevent from any home remedies for eyes.

Hope you guys will get the idea of treating the milia on skin. You can get more tips like this. Stay in connected for more information.