An ingrown toenail can cause severe pain and infection. You will find difficulty in walking if you have that ingrown toenail. As the toe of your foot helps you to walk so it is very painful to walk with the ingrown toenail.

There is no age limit for this ingrown nail, and you can identify it if you have following problems in your foot:

  • Swelling in your toe around the nail.
  • Pain around the toe and in the nail.
  • Redness around the toenail.

Why Ingrown Nail Develop?

Usually, people prefer to wear footwear’s with tight fitting and often do no care of their foots. Sometimes the technique of cutting the nails is not right; you cut your nails in the wrong way. These are some issues of development of ingrown toenail. Thickening of the nail plate can also cause this problem.

Steps To Fix Ingrown Nail

Here are some home remedies to got rid of the ingrown toenail:

  • First of all, you have to remove the swelling of your foot, and for this rinse your foot over half an hour in warm water with some Castile soaps in it. This process will remove swelling from your toe.

Fix Ingrown Nail

  • Now, you have to push the swollen skin and keep in mind while doing this that you have to push skin up to a limit that your swollen toe allows.
  • After this, cut the nail in a straight way and you should keep in mind that, to cut the nail from middle may cause some pain. Also, cut the edges of the nail carefully.

Ingrown Nail Develop

  • Place a piece of cotton on the skin and bandage it. That helps the nail to grow in a proper way to make you walk easily.

skin and bandage

  • Do not forget to apply for oils and medicines on foot and bandage it properly.


  • For the speed up healing process and to avoid the severe pain you must avoid to wear tight-fitting shoes and stop wearing socks for some days, at least up to the time of healing. Wear open shoes or soft in a home that allows air to pass and you will feel better.


  • To prevent the infection, change the cotton or bandage daily and apply some oil or cream on it for the speedy recovery.
  • Also, the Epsom salt adds some healing power in the process, and if Epsom saltly is not available, you can also use castile soap in warm water to soak your foot.

You will not have to worry if you have that ingrown nail as this is a minor problem and can happen to anyone. Most doctors recommend for surgery and proper treatment, but we are providing you some important home remedies to cope up with that infection.

This ingrown toenail can cause due to tight shoes and heels, or sometimes we do not cut the toenail accurately and straight. So all these are causes of the ingrown toenail. Now you can tell your friend that how to fix an ingrown toenail in 5 steps.

You can get more remedies and innovation and for this stay connected and updated.


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