Every Wednesday and Saturday night, try your luck to be a part of a millionaire family of Powerball. It is an American game that begins in October 2015.  They pick 5 white balls out of 69 and 1 red ball out of 26 randomly from the drum. And if these numbers match with yours, it means you are the lucky winner of the Powerball.

Winning prize

The winner of the jackpot is free to make his decision rather he wants to take the cash prize or seeks to choose an annuitized option. If the winner chooses the cash option, then they will pay him all the money after the deduction of tax from it. But if he/she choose the annuity option, then he can get the annual income which increases up to 5% every year.

How many numbers to pick?

So, if you want to play Powerball lottery game then choose the numbers in following steps;

    You have to pick 6 numbers to play the Powerball.

    Pick first five numbers between 1-69 and one number between 1-26.

    Powerball selects five white balls out of 69 and one red ball (Powerball) out of 26 balls in the drum randomly.

Tricks to pick up the numbers

Often people get disappointed that their number does not match with the power balls, but now we will tell you that how to pick the lucky numbers and get maximum chances to win $1,000,000 cash prize.

    Do not use the lottery machine to generate the numbers automatically. Select the random numbers by yourself and go for it.

    Go for your lucky number like, you date of birth or your marriage anniversary date. It can be any number that may be lucky for you in the game.

    Check the number of winners and the numbers that usually comes during the lucky draw in Powerball.

Subscribe to Powerball

You can subscribe to Powerball by signup at http://www.powerball.com/players/musl_signup.asp . You can keep up with the winning numbers and the winners of a lucky draw by subscribing. You will get all the information about the figures and the lucky draw via mail.


Here are another twist and good news for you. If you didn’t try Powerball, then it is your turn now to play the powerplay. Powerplay allows you to double the cash prize amount (jackpot is not a part of it).

You have to buy a ticket of $1 to participate in lucky powerplay draw. There is no annuity option offered in the powerplay; only cash option is available here. The cash prize goes to $2,000,000 in this format and will pay to you after deduction of charges.

List of winners in Powerball

You can check the lucky winners and their cash prizes at http://www.powerball.com/powerball/pb_stories.asp, and also the lucky numbers of them.

How much is the powerball number worth?


If you get the powerball number only the prize will be $4 and odds os winning will be 1 in 38.32.

Try your luck and select the lucky 6 numbers to be a part of the millionaire family. I hope you got the idea that how many numbers to win in Powerball. So play with the smart mind and collect your cash from them.