3 Patti Gold is most famous Indian card game available in Hindi, English, Telugu, Marathi and Gujrat languages. You can enjoy this game alone as well as with your friends with the real internet connection. This game needs an internet connection as this game can run on even 2G internet connection. Before giving you the free chips of 3 Patti Gold have a look at the brief procedure of how to play this game step by step:

How to play 3 Patti Gold?

The steps of playing 3 Patti Gold are described below in detail for the sake of your comfort:

  • Open 3 Patti Gold

First of all, you have to run the game on your PC or any device that you are using. The game can only be run with the internet connection.

  • Select what to play?

After opening the game, you will see two options:

1)    Play as Guest

2)    Facebook login

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You can pick anyone of them according to your choice but keep in mind that internet connection is required for both options.

  • Facebook Login

When you choose the “Facebook login” option, it means that you have to log into your current Facebook account. You can play with your friends to earn maximum chips and share gifts with them. When you send your friend an invitation to play the game, this will gain some chips as a result.

  • Play as Guest

That means if you will play alone with the players of the game. You can select your character from the list given in the game and continue to play the game.

You can play the tournament and private in this game if you have extra skills of playing cards. Whenever your login to the game, you receive an impressive number of chips to start playing the game. Before playing the game, you should remember the following reminder points:

  • You can play maximum four blinds
  • You can play chaal of maximum 2560 chips
  • Pot limit is 40960 chips, and when the pot limit reached, you will have to show your cards during the game.

3 patti gold extra bonus

Download 3 Patti gold here at Techeworld.com and get unlimited coins with it, to play the best chaal in the game. When you download the game then, you will get 1,00,000 chips free to start your game and know that how to play it using chips. Daily rewards and 3 Patti gold extra bonus are also there to make you more addictive to this cards game, and you can get 1,00,000 chips daily. The other way to increase your chips is to send an invitation to your friends to play this game with you. One invitation will earn you some chips to play the chaal.

There are many card games available on the internet, but this game has earned the fame due to its user-friendly interface and stylish graphics to play the game more quickly. This fantastic card game has everything to make you habitual of this just like the Fast Chat and Private room for playing the game with your friends on a private table.

Free chips of 3 Patti gold hack

Get unlimited chips free in 3 Patti gold here and set the cards table with your friends whenever you want to play. The given link has the complete hack file of 3 Patti gold chips, just click the downloading button below to install the game to your Android devices and enjoy the most popular card game of this time.

The above-given link has two methods in it to generate the unlimited chips in 3 Patti gold. We will discuss all the ways so you can understand easily that how to grab the free chips quickly during the game.

Method 1

  • In this method, you have to copy the link in the “Search bar” of your browser and press Enter key to continue the process.
  • Now enter the same Username as you are using in the game.
  • After this, select the number of coins you want to generate in the bar.
  • Enter the “Generate” button to generate the number of chips that you have entered.
  • You have earned the free chips!

That is the very easy method to generate the Chips and in case you are not willing to use this method then, here comes the second and easier way for you to get the chips.

Method 2

  • Open the given link and download the file from it.
  • Download the file to your device.
  • This file has a tool in it. Open the tool and get unlimited chips in a result.
  • You have earned unlimited chips.

unlimited chips for 3 patti gold apk

Techeworld staff is providing the 3 Patti gold chips free to our users to enjoy their game and share the scores with their friends. There is an important thing about this game that, this is not a real gamble and also there is no earning of real money in this. You just have to make the cash and chips to invest in the game and play the blind chaal. For the convenience of the user, this game is available in different languages as mentioned above.

Versions of 3 Patti Gold

As this game is getting the fame day by day so, be aware of the fake 3 Patti Gold game available on different sources. The real 3 Patti Gold game is available here, and you can download it from here. Do not install the fake game. The synthetic material may change your mood and review about the game. As the real game has the natural interface with high-quality graphics in it.

free chips in 3patti gold

Get more apps and games here at Techeworld.com and enjoy playing all the stuff on your Android devices. You can share your experience regarding the game in the comment section and if there is any problem in downloading or anything then, report us. We will try our best to solve your issue. Stay in touch for more updates.