Castle of Illusion is a story of the Mickey Mouse who is looking for his girlfriend, Minnie. A magician kidnapped his girlfriend and brought her to the castle; now Mickey Mouse has to find her in the scary castle. The wizard has hidden many things in the rooms of the castle. Every room has its story and interesting facts in it which Micky mouse has to explore.

Download Castle of Illusion apk data free and let the Micky mouse search his girlfriend and face the difficulties created by a magician. The castle is full of confusion and similar things to misguide the Micky mouse, but you have to be a smart and sincere observer to play this type of game quickly. Downloading button has complete apk and data of castle of illusion.

Features of Castle of Illusion

  • Tricks of magician
  • Attractive gaming environment
  • Stylish graphics
  • Exploring different facts

This game is a complete package of suspense, horror, and action. You can enjoy this game on your Android devices anywhere free. We are providing this game free to the gamers to have fun in their own time.

Castle of Illusion game free online

If you are not willing to play this game by downloading it, then you have also an option to play this game online without installing it or downloading it. The online game has more fun and smooth controls. In the online game, all the controls will be written at the top of the page; you can read from there.

If you want to play Mickey right now, then click on the link below to start the game.



  • Tricks of magician
  • Fun for kids
  • Colorful graphics
  • Exploring different facts

Download this game or play it online, it is entirely up to you. Please share your experience with us in the comment section. If you have any query, you can ask us anytime. Hopefully, your all queries will be answered accurately.