Antimalware Service Executable is a process running in the background by your Window Defender to protect your PC from all the Pop-ups and virus. It is usually pre-installed in your system as you it works in the background without any activation.

We can also declare that it is a type of anti-virus that protects your system from all the errors and unwanted data. When you works on your PC and if it got hanged then you would prefer to open the Task Manager to see that which program is responsible for making your PC’s performance so much slow. “Antimalware Service Executable” is one of the causes of slowing down your system because it was hanged the system by taking disk usage.

Why It Takes High Usage Of System?

To protect your PC from all the virus and popups, you would need an anti-virus to monitor your system and will make you alert of all the virus creating data. Antimalware Service automatically runs in your background and control your system every time and also blocks all the pop ups and sustains the speed of your PC. And in doing all this process, it takes high usage of the system, and that’s why your system hangs sometimes.

Un-Schedule the Defender

Here I will tell you that how you can change the settings of the Window defender from the Task Manager:

  • The first step is to open the Task Scheduler by clicking the start option and write “Task Scheduler” in the search bar.
  • After your Task Scheduler appears on your screen then click on the “conditions” button as shown:

Antimalware Service Executable a Pre-Installed program

  • Uncheck all the option as shown above as these options are not of your concern and click “OK” button

In this way, you can change the setting of the window defender and save your PC from being slow down and from the hanging problems. Other options are also available to clean your device as:

Update of Window

There is another way available for you to clean your computer and it is window update. This inbuilt tool will act as a defender and will clean the entire systems from all the malware and errors. It will update your all the files automatically, so it is the best option to have.

Replacement of Window Defender

When you disable all the settings of the Antimalware Service Executable, then your system will free from all the anti-virus stuff, and now it is totally unsafe to use as there is no detection and blocking of the malware stuff, pop-up ads, and other useless material.

So you need a substitution for it, you can download the anti-virus software like Avast, Panda and Avg on your PC to make it secure as it will do the function of window defender in your system and will secure your device from all the malware stuff. You can get more information and data regarding the latest updates and other innovations, and for this stay in touch and stay updated.