If I am not wrong, most of you people are the member of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger family to connect with all over the world. It is not a daunting task to communicate with your friend in abroad now as this is the world of technology.

According to facts and figures WhatsApp has about 1 billion users that communicate through WhatsApp’s various features. Talking about Facebook Messenger, so it has more the 900 billion active monthly users. It is a huge number, from these figures you can judge the popularity of these apps.

User’s Privacy

About a month ago WhatsApp introduced an end to end encryption on all the messages. That means that only the person to whom you are sending this message can be able to see this message. WhatsApp cannot see this, and in this way, your data will be more protect.

Before this, there was no encryption and all the messages were not secure as WhatsApp can see those Sims at that time. The apps are working more on the privacy of the user. Facebook didn’t launch any end to end encryption, but it is expected that they would introduce this privacy to the messenger as soon as possible.

Sharing Videos and Photos

You can share photos and videos both on Facebook messenger and WhatsApp, but there is a bit difference that WhatsApp allows only ten photos at a time to send. That means you can send only ten photos to your friend in one go.

Unlike WhatsApp, you can send unlimited photos to your friends using the Facebook messenger. If you have an album of your recent tour, and you have to send it to your brother, then messenger is the best option to send without any inconvenience.

Pixel quality of the picture also matters as your picture will turn in low quality on messenger but it will remain same on WhatsApp.

Audio and Video Calling

If you have to make a long conversation with your friend, then you can enjoy the VoIP for free, as both WhatsApp and Facebook messenger allow you to call free by using VoIP. For this, you just need a good Wi-Fi connection.

WhatsApp only allows audio call and on Facebook messenger, you can also make a video call. That is the main difference but despite this difference WhatsApp is still more famous then messenger, because of its smooth and efficient work as its voice is quality is adamant as compared to the Facebook messenger.

Wide Range Access

The key fact for the popularity of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is their full range. If your network stops working and you want to make an urgent call to your mother in abroad, then WhatsApp allow you to make a call without any disturbance. If you have an active Wi-Fi connection then making the call is the most efficient process.

But on the other hand, Facebook allow you to talk with friends of the friend. If you want to chat with the friend of your friend the messenger is there for you to make your friendship network even stronger.

These apps are the backbone of every play store. Instagram is also getting the boom, but WhatsApp is still best of them. If you want more data about interesting facts, then stay connected to us.