To travel in the space is impractical for the common man as it is always related with the astronauts, that it is only their task to move in the space. But now it is nor more impossible as U.S aerospace company got the permit/license to travel the space.

NASA allows U.S aerospace company that they can move to space with the passengers and New Mexico Richard Branson’s is first ever Space Company to get this license and it’s a huge achievement for them. The license was issued by Federal Aviation Administration after the complete inspection of the spacecraft. And there will be six passengers at a time that can be in space. Crew members along with the two pilots will also there in the spacecraft as there is unique space for them on a plane.

First Flight to Space

The first ever flight to space is expected to take off next year with six passengers in it. The tickets are available for sale, and the starting price of the ticket is $2.5 million. Richard Branson, the owner of the company, was aimed at this achievement for many years. That would be achievable in 2007 but due to some accidents during the test like the explosion of 2007 during the flight-test and the crash of test-flight in October 2014 delayed the work.

About Virgin’s Spaceport

Virgin has signed a contract with Abu Dhabi to develop a Spaceport and on the other hand, they are also thinking to operate their flights from Spaceport America in Mexico. This company has more than 700 customers registered for the spaceflights that also includes some Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt, Kety Perry, and Angelina Jolie.

After the crash of 2014, some people canceled their booking due to lack of trust on the spacecraft. But now there will be no issue with the spacecraft as it is thoroughly examined by Federal Aviation Administration. Virgin Galactic got the rank of the company in 1999. Richard Branson and Rutan announced a combine progress between Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites to get the continuation of the spaceflights. According to Richard Branson, it’s a very long journey that he started to achieve his aim, and now he got the license to travel to space and people are booking to enjoy this adventure.

With the six passengers in the spacecraft, there will also be a huge space to enjoy and will have large windows in it to look back to the earth and enjoy the memorable scenes. After this success, now the next step of a virgin is to find the proper launching area for the spacecraft where they can be able to launch their flights correctly. But they will find it, and we are expecting the first ever flight to space with the ordinary people in next year.

No doubt, it will go to have some shocking and sudden impact on the world after seeing the first ever flight to space by Richard Branson’s company. You can read more about the latest news regarding technology and for getting daily updates stay in touch.